Cheap Chinese Scooters May Leave Buyers with Little Recourse


With gas prices soaring, many people are looking for more fuel efficient means of transportation.  The low price of certain Chinese motor scooters may make them look like a good buy.  But don’t be swayed by the price alone.   Low-price Chinese scooters may be a bad buy given the lack of potential recourse a buyer may have.  Products like cars and motor scooters usually are not sold by the manufacturer to the ultimate buyer.  Instead, they are sold by independent sellers, and the independent sellers of these products typically do not furnish their own warranties.   They also often have a no-return policy. 

Although Chinese scooter manufacturers may give buyers a warranty, the warranty might be unenforceable for all intents and purposes.  Chinese scooter manufacturers have little physical presence in the United States.  Unlike foreign automakers, they do not have distributors, manufacturing plants, or even authorized repair shops here.   Therefore, even if you sue one of these manufacturers, win the case, and have a judgment entered, you still might not have anyone in the United States you can collect from.


One Response to “Cheap Chinese Scooters May Leave Buyers with Little Recourse”

  1. jdsalinger12 Says:

    Good article. This does not surprise me. New scooter buyers should stick with the major brands: Vespa, Buddy, Yamaha, and Honda and maybe a few others. There is too much risk with other brands. The cheaper price is not worth it.

    Kyle Park

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